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Hansen Fluid Technology
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At the intersection of National Digital Economy, Channels computing resources from the east to the west strategic project, Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and New Infrastructure Construction strategies, We focuses on the fluid conveyance solutions for liquid cooling data centers, with senior technical experts and management teams in liquid cooling indestry, striving to become a leading sales and integrator of fluid components.


Hanshen Fluid is an authorized distributor of Danfoss China, adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit and strong innovation awareness, integrating and launching a series of innovative liquid cooling connection system solutions. The service markets we are involved in include: data center cold plate and immersion liquid cooling, general server, supercomputing, 5G base station electronic water cooling, high-performance computer, edge computing, semiconductor testing, charging pile, medical electronics and other industries. We provide secure, reliable, and highly cost-effective connection solutions for our customers. The company has successively cooperated with China Mobile, ByteDance, Sugon, Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, Lenovo, Meituan, Kuaishou, H3C, JD, Vertiv, Inventec, nVent, BOYD, Jetcom, BYD, Geely, Intel, GDS, Chindata Group, VNET, Hoyinn, Haiwu, Canatal, EVOC, Sanhe Tongfei has conducted business exchanges and cooperation with companies, with the goal of becoming a core mainstream supplier in the data centers liquid cooling market in the future.


Products: Liquid cooling fluid connectors, EPDM hoses, solenoid valves, pressure and temperature sensors, and Manifolds.


Thermal Management Quick Disconnect Couplings

NEW! Universal Quick Disconnect (UQD)
Danfoss Hansen UQD is designed for thermal management applications, available in 4 sizes and has 2 color options. It complies with OCP (Open Compute Project) and exceeds requirements of specified performance characteristics. Danfoss UQD offers color identification (red and blue) and guarantees 100% helium-leak testing.


FD83 series quick-disconnect couplings

Danfoss Hansen FD83 couplings are designed for fluid transfer and electronics cooling applications where full flow, fluid compatibility and safety are essential.FD83 series quick-disconnect couplings with a full-flow design, now available in a 2-inch size and additional configurations of the popular 1-inch size, are known globally for their performance and reliability.Their turn-to-connect feature allows connections to be made without the risk of hose torsion or the need for additional adapters, which also prevents leaks due to incorrect assembly.


A member of OCP

Danfoss is a contributing member of the Open Compute Project (OCP), a collaborative,community-focused organization working to standardize the design and performance of all hardware for small- to hyper-scale data centers. We’re not just meeting the industry standard; we’re helping set it, both today and into the future.


Danfoss Hansen ADB Series coupling

Danfoss Hansen ADB Series coupling - the ultimate solution for preventing spillage of cooling agents in electric applications! Our flat face/dry break coupling is specifically designed for cooling systems that use circulating water and antifreeze fluids. With our enhanced coupling solution, you can say goodbye to the technical failures, system shutdowns, and difficult clean-ups caused by cooling agent spillage. Our ADB Series coupling provides a secure, leak-free connection every time, ensuring maximum performance and reliability. With its easy-to-use design, installation and maintenance have never been easier.



Danfoss Flow-Temp quick disconnect couplings

Danfoss Flow-Temp quick disconnect couplings are engineered to provide the optimal flow needed for cooling or heating molds and dies, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency. With sockets available in both non-valved and valved configurations, you can choose the perfect option for your specific needs. Our valved couplings prevent fluid loss when disconnected, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. With the ability to work with water-glycol, hot water, and hot oil, our Flow-Temp couplings provide unparalleled versatility to meet all your cooling and heating requirements. Our couplings are designed with ease-of-use in mind, making installation and maintenance a breeze.



Danfoss Hansen 5400 series low air inclusion refrigerant couplings

Danfoss Hansen 5400 Series is specifically designed to eliminate air inclusion and provide reliable, efficient performance for all your fluid transfer needs. Our 5400 Series is engineered to handle a wide range of fluids and gases, ensuring maximum flexibility and performance for your specific application. With its leak-free design, you can trust our product to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.



EHW194 Data centers Liquid Cooling EPDM hose

Liquid cooling is an innovative technique using water as a cooling medium to help keep computer processor temperatures low in data center applications. Danfoss designed Boston? Royal with this emerging technology in mind. UL 94 V-0 rated and offering superior flexibility and kink resistance, this hose was designed to maneuver in tight spaces to simplify installation and maintenance. Offered in a variety of sizes and colors, with approved Danfoss fittings — we have made it easy to emerge into this new market.




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